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Since its inception in 1996, G.B. INDUSTRIES FAMI S.A.L. has dedicated all its efforts on providing solutions to create a cleaner world.

We have worked tirelessly to increase the variety of our products using the latest machinery. That is why we manufacture a wide range of products that can be customized for brands, groups or chains, thereby achieving, show an exclusive article and differential features the highest quality.

With our expertise, we have been able to respond to all the possibilities that arise in the broad field of cleaning, both domestic and professional, and articles from more traditional to the most current. But we also wanted to go for the highest quality in our raw materials and in this sense we have expanded our references to the production of monofilaments.

Thanks to our entrepreneurial spirit and service, and the experience and professionalism of our staff, we can ensure optimum production with tight deadlines to the needs of our customers by offering an unlimited service volume in the fastest time and with best.

The direct and personal contact with our customers requires us to work to get the right product and the best conditions for each. They all dedicate our efforts and we thank you for making us think about being better every day.


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Industrias G.B. Fami S.L.


Ctra. CO-6202 Km. 8,200
14860 Doña Mencía - Córdoba
Telf: 957 67 67 77 - Fax: 957 67 67 68
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